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Holiday parties  

Anyone having a party or corporate event this year hit me up for some super fun interactive musical entertainment!  I did a show for PayPal and eBay this year as well as a few conventions and my calendar is quickly filling up for November and December.  

I had a great week of gigs in the beautiful California gold country and finally ended up at a winery in Gilroy on a perfect day.  Sharks are back this week for games on Thursday and Saturday, and I am playing the Sharks after party at Poor House Bistro on Saturday night.  Have a great week!

Sharks are Back! 

My Favorite time of year is here... Sharks season!  I love me some hockey and nothing is better than sitting at my perch with a sweet Hammond organ ready to bust out some tunes and crowd chants!  Hit me up for requests whenever you are there.  I’ll be there every game, and after every weekend game I am doing an after party at the Poor House Bistro one block from the Shark Tank!  See you soon.


Upcoming Shows and Gigs, contact JMD for booking.

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