Expanding range...

Along with some recent singing lessons to expand my singing range, I am now expanding my “gig range!!”  I paid for a featured membership on GigSalad, a site for musicians to get leads for shows and I have now been booked in Vegas, LA, and Texas with many more cool things to come.  I also get my piano shell today so I can add the elegance of a grand piano to any location that does not have one, including the beach!!

 I unfortunately had to stop playing at my beloved church after 20 years, I will miss the people and Pastor Derek of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Saratoga.  Living in the valley and playing gigs all over the place made it unable to be there all the time.

 I am now set up with a studio in my house so if you have any music production needs or even need a custom song made for a special occasion I am your guy!  Happy 2020 everyone.