The New Way of Gig Life

We are now nearly 2 months into the lockdown now, no sign of live gigs coming back to California soon.  I have private events still on for July and after that have not yet been cancelled... 🤞 

Thankfully I have a great group of fans that comes “out” to Facebook live to watch my livestream every Friday at 6pm PT.  Last week I took requests from Australia, Canada, UK, and all over the US.  I never could have imagined the community that comes together every week — including new people, High school friends, family members and former co-workers.  It really makes me feel connected even though the distance.  Keep on watching, you can also view it here on this website !!  

I’m still doing online lessons, music production and even live stream consulting now with folls all over.  I am also able to do a private stream for your personal listening experience for a dinner party or any occasion.  “See” you all soon!

James Michael Day

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